Salt Lake County Looks for Transportation Solutions in Mill Creek Canyon

(KCPW News) Salt Lake County is asking for the public’s advice on transportation issues in Mill Creek Canyon at an open house today. Transportation engineer Andrea Pullos says they’ve got a lot of ideas to share on how to manage parking in the canyon, whether it’s a paid parking system or signs that direct users to different trailheads when the lots are full to disperse traffic.

“We’ve also got some transit concepts that go anywhere from a winter shuttle to a summer shuttle to even maybe a cable-propelled gondola-type transit that all the time you can get up and recreate how you’d like and then also get back down to the mouth of the canyon where it’s easier to park and find parking options,” she says.

The study began last July when Salt Lake County won a federal grant to consider alternative canyon transportation options, which was prompted by a request from the Forest Service.

Pullos says she believes the county has a good feel for the issues canyon users would like to see addressed.

“A lot of it is that they can’t get parking stalls. There are some narrow areas up at the canyons,” says Pullos. “There are conflicts between bikes and dogs. There are a lot of pedestrians that cross the street and some of the safety issues that go along with that. Those are some of the issues that we’re aware of and that we’re dealing with.”

The open house runs from 5 to 7 p.m. in the Wasatch Room of REI on 3300 South.