Job Market for Utah Grads Looking Up

(KCPW News) Utah’s fresh pool of college graduates has a warming job market to dive into, the University of Utah says. Director of Career Services Stan Inman says U. grads had more offers and interest from in-state employers this year. He says it’s been a strong spring recruiting season on campus with many employers posting jobs and coming to recruiting events to show interest.

“Utah colleges and universities I think are somewhat unique,” Inman says. “We’ve got a very robust economy here in Utah with many employers that do have a strong hiring outlook. They’re either expanding, they have a growth projection, so they use that new graduate talent as kind of a long-term growth kind of strategy.”

Inman says not surprisingly, the strongest areas are in technology, engineering and accounting.

“But really across all majors the employers are looking for new graduates who’ve had experience, relevant experience, who’ve done internships, who can think critically about problems, work with customers, develop and manage people,” he says.

Inman says the business information technology and information systems fields have seen some of the biggest surges. He says more employers than ever are looking for candidates with a good handle on using information, analyzing data and making decisions based on data.