Politics Up Close: Senate Candidate Breck England, Rep. Fred Cox

(KCPW News) If you recognize the name Breck England, it could because of his frequent op-eds in the newspaper, lambasting the Utah Legislature. Or perhaps it’s because the he’s co-written several books with famous Utah author Stephen Covey, and shared his expertise on LDS history. Now, the business consultant is hoping to win a seat in the Utah Legislature, running as a Democrat in Davis County. We talked with him about his experience and how he could win in a heavily Republican area.


Then, Republican State Representative Fred Cox took a stand during last year’s divisive redistricting battle by trying to pass a bipartisan map. He ended up being drawn into the same district as a Democratic incumbent. We talked with the lawmaker and architect about what issues are important to him and his political strategy.


Listen to a podcast of the entire show here:

  1. Patrick Jones

    Franklin Covey is not a “famous Utah author…” FranklinCovey is the name of a company that is the combination of [Benjamin] Franklin and [Stephen R.] Covey.

    Thank you,

    Patrick Jones

  2. Jeff Robinson

    Corrected; thank you.