Crockett Finalizes GOP Primary Election Victory Over Winder

Mike Winder congratulates Mark Crockett on his victory

(KCPW News) Mark Crockett is officially the Republican nominee for Salt Lake County Mayor. After beating West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder by only 239 votes on primary election night, the former county councilman’s lead increased to 1,019 votes Tuesday after the final count, including absentee ballots and mail-in votes, was released by the clerk’s office. Crockett says his GOP opponent ran an amazingly good race.

“The thing that at least people tell us that resonated with them is first, confidence that we will actually get our hands around the budget. That seems to be top of mind this year. Times are still a little bit tough, so I think it probably should be top of mind,” he says.

Crockett’s margin of victory was too high for there to be a re-count, so the results are final.

Both Winder and Crockett say the West Valley City Mayor’s pen-name scandal, involving him writing news articles under the name Richard Burwash, was a factor in the primary election. Winder says he’s disappointed, but is getting behind Crockett as the party’s nominee.

“We can beat ourselves up all day on would’ve, could’ve, should’ves, and should we have done this differently or that, but I’m deeply humbled today with the enormous support that we had, and sincerely congratulatory of Mark Crockett,” said Winder.

Crockett will now face Democratic State Senator Ben McAdams in the general election.

Salt Lake County Clerk Sherrie Swensen announces the official results to the county council