Love: “We Are Truly the Best, Last Hope on Earth”

Mia Love speaking at the Republican National Convention

(KCPW News) Saratoga Springs Mayor and Congressional Candidate Mia Love drew applause last night as she spoke at the Republican National Convention. In her speech, she touched on a common theme in her campaign: that of her parents, who immigrated to the United States from Haiti.

“When tough times came, they didn’t look to Washington, they looked within,” she said. “So the America I grew up knowing was centered in self-reliance and filled with the possibilities of living the American dream.”

Love later turned her focus to President Obama, saying “we’re not buying what you’re selling in 2012.”

“President Obama’s version of America is a divided one, often pitting us against each other based on income level, gender and social status. His policies have failed us, we’re not better off than we were four years ago, and no rhetoric, bumper sticker or Hollywood campaign ad can change that,” she said.

Love closed her speech by saying “this is our time. We are truly the best, last hope on Earth,” which was followed by a roar of applause. Her opponent in this year’s election is Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson in the 4th District.