More Off-Leash Dog Parks Coming to Salt Lake City

(KCPW News) Salt Lake City wants to create more open space where dogs are welcome.  Ann Ober, the city’s Administrative Services Division Director, says up to five additional off-leash dog areas are being considered because of increased demand.

“The number one growth for new parks in the United States really is around off leash dogs and their owners and that is a national trend,” Ober said   “And, we have seen that kind of pressure here locally that there is a new desire or a growing desire for people to recreate with their animals in a way that they haven’t in the past.”

The city is hosting a forum Wednesday at the Salt Lake City Main Library to gather ideas and feedback from residents about what the new program should look like.

“Different dogs and different owners like different experiences,” Ober said.  “Some people like to go into a dog park and socialize their animal with other dogs; while others want to be out in nature and they want to go hiking. And so what we have been trying to figure out is are there ways for us to provide service in a way that makes sense without over providing one type of service.”

Wednesday’s discussion begins at 6:30 in the Main Library’s auditorium.  It will be moderated by KCPW CityViews host Jennifer Napier-Pearce.