Matheson Takes Love to Task on Federal Special Ed Funding

(KCPW News)  Utah Congressman Jim Matheson took aim today at the plan of his Republican opponent to cut $750 billion dollars in federal spending, focusing specifically on what he says is Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love’s plan to eliminate financial aid for special education.  KCPW’s Eric Ray Reports:



Mia Love’s full statement to KCPW:

Jim Matheson is once again attempting to scare Utah voters with false choices.  Of course we are going to take care of those with special needs, Utah always takes care of its own.  The difference is that Jim thinks every problem should be solved by the federal government, I don’t.  Jim thinks Washington bureaucrats are smarter than local leaders, teachers and families – I trust Utahns.

Jim and President Obama have been terrible stewards of tax payer dollars.  It is why The national Taxpayer association endorsed me and gave Jim a “hostile toward taxpayer rating.”

Jim Matheson is taking his campaign to a new low by parading in front of special needs children, to create a false choice and scare voters. Limited government doesn’t mean everything goes away. It means getting things done at the right level.

Utahns expect more from their leaders.  Because Jim has failed to lead his is following President Obama’s playbook of misleading voters.