Matheson Claims Victory in Utah’s 4th Congressional District

(KCPW News)  With the final count coming in just after midnight, a lead of one percent or a little over 2,800 votes gave Democrat Jim Matheson the win over Saratoga Springs Mayor and Republican favorite Mia Love in the race for Utah’s 4th U.S. House District. Matheson will be the first person to represent Utah in the new Congressional District.

“I’m very gratified because we worked hard in this campaign, we had a great ground game, I had so many people help me on this one, and ultimately I think the issues I ran on carried the day,” said Matheson.

This will be Matheson’s seventh term in office. He previously represented Utah in the 2nd Congressional district. Matheson says his campaign focused on everything from education to taxes, and says those platforms are what carried his campaign to victory.

“And beyond the issues I really think it’s just the approach to the job. I really put Utah ahead of party and partisanship, and personal ambition, that’s what I’m about.  I think we are looking for less gridlock in Washington, people want to get things done. That’s what I’ve been all along you heard my remarks out there I have had a lot of accomplishments and gotten things done to work with people on both sides of the aisle to make it happen,” said Matheson.

In a statement released by the Mia Love Campaign, Love congratulated Matheson on a hard fought race saying “It was a close race, but ultimately the voters of Utah have spoken.”

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