Governor Herbert Talks Air Quality

(KCPW News) Governor Gary Herbert took time to address air quality during a news conference Tuesday at the Utah Capitol. Herbert told reporters that while the issue has been getting a lot of attention recently, the problem is nothing new; but added it’s a serious issue.

“The dirty air is not an acceptable condition that we just need to embrace and say that’s just the way it’s going to be. It does make people sick; we’re cognizant of people’s health conditions, and that’s unique to each individual, but it also hurts our economic opportunities as we go forward.”

The Governor says he is asking UTA to explore options that would increase ridership, including reviewing their fare policy.

“We’ve asked UTA to review that because we want make sure that we’re not discouraging people with too high of a fare  to use mass transit because everything in transit is somewhat subsidized. So, what the optimal number is, I am not certain but we’ve asked UTA to look at that.” 

A protest demanding more to be done about clean air is planned at the Capitol Wednesday. This is the third since the legislative session started 10 days ago.