Deputy Mayor Dunn to Retain Position in Salt Lake County

(KCPW News)  Salt Lake County Mayor-elect Ben McAdams has announced that Nichole Dunn will continue her role as Deputy Mayor with his administration. McAdams says after evaluating the county, he believes the right team will be a mixture of people with seasoned experience and those with new ideas.

“I wanted somebody who had a depth of experience in the county and a reputation for running things extremely well, and Nichole breathes that,” says McAdams.  “She’s incredibly talented and has experience running the county, and she’s somebody I trust to keep this ship heading in the right direction.”

Dunn will also assume the role of Chief Administrative Officer. Dunn says with 8-years of experience working for Salt Lake County, she is excited to assist McAdams in implementing his new vision.

“In the coming weeks we are going to start to see mayor elect McAdams roll out his agenda, but as he talked about in the campaign, he’s going to really be pulling together important collaborations to focus on things like improved regional services for Salt Lake County, greater efficiency in county government, and looking at quality of life issues and I’m excited to be part of all of that,” says Dunn.

Dunn has served the last four years as Deputy Mayor and Chief of Staff to Mayor Peter Corroon. Corroon will leave office in January.