Poor Air Quality to Last Until Weekend

(KCPW News) The first winter inversion of the new year has settled in along the Wasatch Front, bringing with it red air quality conditions in the Salt Lake Valley.  And according to National Weather Service meteorologist Glen Merrill, relief won’t come until the weekend.

“It really doesn’t look like we’ll see significant improvement until Saturday afternoon or so, that’s when we’ll get our next cold front sweeping through northern Utah,” he told KCPW.

And until then, Merrill says expect air quality to get worse.

“Over the next two days, through Friday, we’ll actually see the inversion strengthen a bit as high pressure moves in over the state, so the inversion conditions will actually become even worse, most likely more fog and pollution getting a bit worse in the low valley areas,” said Merrill.

Merrill says Saturday’s cold front will be accompanied by light snow. On red air quality days, wood burning is prohibited, while residents are urged to minimize their driving and use public transit.