Council Doesn’t Override Becker’s Veto of Parley’s Plan

(KCPW News) In a display of support for Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, the city council decided last night not to override his veto of the Parley’s Historic Nature Park management plan in a two-to-five vote.  Two of the four council members who originally supported the plan voted against the override, including Stan Penfold.

“I, too, want to send a message that my expectation is this is a continuing conversation, and that we will continue to work together with the administration to come to a conclusion on Parley’s that is beneficial to all,” Penfold said.

Councilmen Soren Simonsen and Luke Garrott were the only ones who wanted to override Becker’s veto.  The mayor rejected the council’s plan because he felt the widespread off-leash dog access it allowed for wouldn’t protect the creek and riparian corridors.

The council later heard from disgruntled dog owners who use the park, like Jim Breitinger.

“It would have been at least nice to have been heard,” he told the council.  “I had comments prepared which are pretty much irrelevant now.  I’m just frustrated.  I agree with the sentiments of people who are saying the dog owners are not heard, Mayor Becker says he meets with us but he doesn’t, and we’d like to meet with you.  We’d set up a meeting right now.”

Becker issued a statement after the vote, saying “I understand the management plan we are creating for the park will not make everyone happy. A successful plan will provide the greatest gift we can offer to protect the natural environment, especially Parleys Creek, and provide for users of this park.”

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