Facebook, federal infrastructure spending and activist activities

Both Sides of the Aisle – Natalie Gochnour is joined on The Right by Sen. Dan McCay, R-Riverton, and on The Left by Shireen Ghorbani, former Salt Lake County Council member. They discuss the Facebook whistleblower, social media platforms being offline and the size of the human infrastructure bill. They also discuss Sen. Sinema being questioned in the bathroom by activists, the use of a syringe swastika flag, Rep. Stewart’s comments on the Utah Jazz, a state meeting on vaccinations, Evan McMullin’s bid for Mike Lee’s senate seat and the potential for the Winter Olympics to return to Utah.

  1. Jordan

    I agree with the frustration that the vaccine mandate policy hasn’t actually come down. Because an actual policy’s constitutionality could be addressed. Instead we have the threat of, ‘that’s a really nice business you have there, it would be a pitty if OSHA fined it into oblivion’. And so the threat of a mandate is unchallengeable but coerces much of the same outcome.