The 2022 U.S. Senate race, Ukraine and accusations of “woke ideology”

Both Sides of the Aisle – Former Utah Rep. Ben McAdams fills in for Natalie Gochnour in The Political Center and is joined on The Right by John Dougall, Utah State Auditor, and on The Left by Shireen Ghorbani, former Salt Lake County Council member. They discuss Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson, Utah’s senators split over the confirmation, Utah party conventions and the Republican primary challengers of Sen. Mike Lee. They also discuss the current state of the crisis in Ukraine, a letter signed by Sen. Lee and Attorney General Sean Reyes calling for the punishment of protesting Yale students, the “woke ideology” of Gov. Spencer Cox, Utah’s flag and Utah’s newest whale.

  1. Jordan

    “A designated hate group” – Personally I find the Southern Poverty Law Center to be an extremely biased organization, so I don’t think the nebulous and subjective ‘hate group’ designation from that ideological organization means much.

    I’d be curious to hear someone else’s opinion on the SPLC if they disagree.