The legacy of the Legacy Parkway, where a ban on heavy trucks is set to expire

Right now, you can’t drive a heavy truck, like a diesel semi, on the Legacy Parkway in Davis County. But the prohibition on heavy trucks for the road expires January 1, 2020. Many residents along the parkway were caught off guard by the news that big rigs could soon be rolling through their neighborhood, so they lobbied for bills at this year legislature to extend the truck ban. Those proposals failed. Today on the show, a look at why the truck ban expires in the first place, and what comes next for the Legacy Parkway.

(Roger McDonough | KCPW) Davis County resident Angie Keeton stands beside a bike path along Legacy Parkway. Keeton wants to see the road’s ban on heavy trucks preserved. The ban is set to expire Jan. 1, 2020.