Rohingyan Genocide & Tackling Child Sex Abuse in Bolivia

(Air dates: November 1 ~ 4, 2017) –A few weeks ago, Umar Mohamad Arif, a leader of the Rohingyan community living in Utah spoke out against what appears to be an unfolding genocide being perpetrated against his people in the Rakhine state in western Myanmar.  He spoke on October 16, 2017. His entire talk can be seen here.

In the second half of the show, we hear from Brisa De Angulo, the founder of Breeze of Hope Foundation, Bolivia’s only specialized trauma center for treating child survivors of sexual abuse. De Angulo was herself a victim of sexual violence. Bolivia suffers the highest rates of sexual violence against children in Latin America.  She speaks about how her advocacy helped empower thousands of young sexual abuse survivors, and has increased conviction rates for offenders in Bolivia. She spoke on October 18, 2017. Her entire talk can be seen here.