Race, Class, and Gender Inequities in the U.S.

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Re-Air dates: January 24 ~ 27, 2017) — The Hinckley Institute of Politics recently hosted another in a series of Campus Community Dialogues: Understanding Our Differences, Shaping Our Future – Race, Class, and Gender Inequities in the U.S.  The forum was sponsored by the College of Social and Behavioral Science, the Hinckley Institute of Politics, Department of Political Science, Undergraduate and Graduate Student Advisory Councils.

The panelists included:
– Justice Christine Durham, Utah Supreme Court
– Ron Gordon, Executive Director, Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile
– Assistant Professor Claudia Geist, Gender Studies and Sociology, University of Utah
– Professor Gunseli Berik, Economics, University of Utah
– Professor Edmund Fong, Political Science and Ethnic Studies,  U of U
– Dr. Kathryn Bond Stockton, Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity, moderated the forum.

This event was recorded on April 20, 2017.