Sharia and Everyday Life: Marriage Iranian Style in Norway

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour (Re-Air date: April 4, 2018) — Sharia is a set of Muslim religious laws that are practiced in varying degrees of severity in Muslim countries. While many Americans equate Shariah with misogyny, intolerance, or barbaric punishments, many practicing Muslims and Muslim scholars say Sharia is, in fact, a set of guidelines for daily routines and social regulations for things like marriage, divorce, and inheritance.  Increasingly Muslim immigrants are learning to balance Sharia practices with the laws and values of pluralistic Western societies where they live.  Dr. Marianne Bøe, a Fulbright Scholar at Northeastern University, and Postdoctoral Fellow in Religion and Theology at University of Bergen, Norway, researches how Iranian immigrants in Norway are practicing  marriage “Iranian Style”. Her talk was recorded January 25, 2017.