Ballot Ready 2018: Proposition 4 – Better Boundaries

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — Today’s program wraps up the Hinckley Institutes’ Ballot Ready 2018 series with a panel discussion on this year’s Proposition 4: the initiative to create an independent redistricting commission in Utah.



The idea behind the initiative is to move the process of political redistricting, which occurs once-every-decade after the federal census, out of the direct hands of lawmakers by creating an independent, seven-member commission to redraw district boundaries.

Proposition 4 would affect redistricting in Utah in three main ways: (1) it would create a seven-member appointed commission to participate in the process of formulating redistricting plans; (2) it would impose requirements on the legislature’s redistricting process; and (3) it would establish standards to which redistricting plans must comply.

Speaking on today’s panel: Utah Republican Senator Todd Weiler of District 23; Better Boundaries Co-Chair Jeff Wright; Moderating the discussion is Salt Lake Tribune reporter Benjamin Wood.

The forum was recorded on October 24, 2018.