Reviving Utah’s Rural Economies

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour  This week on the program, we bring you a forum that looks at distressed rural economies here in Utah, the economic and geographic challenges that tend to constrain their growth, and what those rural communities can do to revive their economies.

Challenges such as population decline stimulated by limited opportunities for jobs and career development, often forcing families to break apart as members graduating high school leave their rural communities for better economic opportunities in Urban areas of the state.

Speaking on the panel: Ginger Chin, Managing Director of Urban and Rural Business Services for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development; Shawn Milne, Commissioner of Tooele County; Nick Tatton, Community Director of Price City; Moderating the discussion is Theresa Foxley, President and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah.

This week’s forum was recorded on February 25th, 2019.