What Does Ukraine Mean for Me?

The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — This week on the program, a panel of experts discusses the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the geopolitics surrounding the event and how it will affect the future of Utah and the world.

As many as 2 and a half million Ukrainian people have already fled the country to neighboring Poland or have escaped further west into Europe. Men between the ages of 18 to 60 are banned from leaving Ukraine in anticipation of being called to fight. Ukrainian and Russian diplomats have so far failed to come to a cease-fire agreement meant to ease the humanitarian crisis.

This week’s panel takes a look at the history between Russia and Ukraine, what led up to the invasion and how it is likely to play out in the months to come. The panel includes Geoff Allen, assistant professor of political science; Marjorie Castle, professor of political science, Sean Lawson, associate professor of communication; and Steve Lobell, professor of political science. The forum is moderated by graduating political science and international studies student, Jace Jordan.

This forum was made in partnership with the University of Utah’s Department of Political Science.

This forum was recorded on March 1st, 2022.