The Bottom Line: Mike Dutton, Winder Farms CEO

mikeduttonThe Bottom Line (Original Air Date: January 13, 2015) – Delivery vehicles for Winder Farms have traversed the Utah landscape since 1880.  Not only was that before modern cars and trucks – it was long before electricity.  Back then, John Winder and his family delivered milk and butter mostly to neighbors and friends.  The company stayed in the family until 2004 when two local investment firms, Dolphin Capital and Peterson Partners purchased Winder Dairy.  Much has changed since 1880 but, remarkably, much has also stayed the same.  Mike Dutton is Chief Executive Officer of Winder Farms. He says Winder still focuses on delivering farm fresh local food to its neighbors and friends – only the company now has a lot more friends.  In 2013, Winder delivered over 10 million products to customers in Utah, Nevada and Southern California.