Energizing students with STEM through Tiny Satellites

The Bottom Line (Air Date: January 10, 2017) –Today’s satellites are smaller, more powerful, and cheaper than ever before. They’re also even accessible to school children.

Sunny Washington, is President and co-founder of Ardusat, an educational technology company that partners with the private satellite company Spire Global that assembles, builds, and launches very small cube satellites. Ardusat provides K-12 students the ability to run custom math and science experiments on real life satellites orbiting the earth. In short, they aspire to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Math) accessible and fun for kids.

Washington talks about her experience leaving Instructure to launch Ardusat. Also what it’s been like assembling her team, developing a STEM curriculum to help educators, and what’s next for the company – including partnering with schools in the United Arab Emirates.