2021 Legislature Archive

Bill that would prohibit transgender girls from competing in girls’ sports passes House committee

On Thursday, the House Education Committee voted to pass a bill that would ban transgender girls from competing in K-12 girls’ sports.

Utah House endorses name change for Dixie State University

On Wednesday, the Utah House of Representatives passed a bill that would begin the process to change the name of Dixie State

Bill that removes requirement for a concealed carry permit passes first vote in Utah Senate

UPDATE: The Utah House of Representatives agreed with the Senate’s amendments and HB60 is now headed to the desk of Gov. Spencer

Utah Senate votes to expand charitable prescription drug program

A bill that would expand the state’s charitable prescription drug program passed out of the Utah Senate on Tuesday. During a committee

Utah Senate passes a bill that would regualte the state’s use of facial recognition software

On Monday, the Utah Senate passed a bill that would add some constraints to the state’s use of facial recognition software. Sen.

Utah senate passes bill that prioritizes in-person learning

The Utah Senate passed a bill on Thursday that would prioritize in-person learning in classrooms. Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Salt Lake City, sponsored

Dozens of police reform measures under consideration at this year’s meeting of lawmakers

(KCPW News) Utah lawmakers are set to consider dozens of bills aimed at changing how law enforcement goes about its business. The

Utah Legislature commences work amid pandemic concerns and fears of unrest

The Utah Legislature kicked off its 45-day session on Tuesday. While members of the public are currently not permitted inside the state