Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski on Operation Rio Grande and Growing SLC

Today on the show: It’s been one year since Operation Rio Grande launched to address crime and homelessness in downtown Salt Lake

Religious freedom vs. medical marijuana, a big name change for Utah’s biggest church and a possible issue with state driver licenses

After its first year of implementation, how has Operation Rio Grande impacted crime and homelessness in Salt Lake City? The Church of Jesus Christ

A loaded gun left in a bathroom, Utahns consider nuclear power and a SLCPD occupy an old Arctic Circle

A loaded gun was left in a bathroom at the Living Planet Aquarium, where the property has a posted ban on weapons,

The Salt Lake Tribune columnists’ opinions on Operation Rio Grande, Bears Ears and that Orrin Hatch editorial

The Salt Lake Tribune’s editorial voices reflect and opine on the #MeToo movement, Operation Rio Grande, national monuments and the power wielded

Feds OK Utah’s Medicaid waiver, a manhunt follows a U. shooting and Utahns in Congress discuss Mueller indictments

President Donald Trump’s administration approves Utah’s request for a Medicaid waiver to help fund Operation Rio Grande. The fatal shooting of a

Chaffetz is the frontrunner for a race he isn’t in (yet), Jeff Flake puts his head out of the political foxhole and ballot initiative lightning round

Morgan Lyon Cotti from the Hinckley Institute of Politics sits in as The Middle and is joined on The Right by Rep.

Calls for D.A.’s firing, Operation Rio Grande ‘disaster’ and a plan to limit Antiquities Act

Body-camera footage of a police shooting is released and leads to protests — including calls for the ouster of Salt Lake County

Drug court opens for Operation Rio Grande arrestees, LDS Church supports baker who refused to serve same-sex couple and the gap widens between 3rd District candidates

The kickoff of a new drug court program adds to the treatment efforts of Operation Rio Grande. The Church of Jesus Christ

Rio Grande closing, deal with solar customers, food tax

Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes and Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski announce that the crime-ridden Rio Grande Street will be closed

Locals respond to Operation Rio Grande

Locals respond to Operation Rio Grande, a collaborative effort by the state, Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County to address public