The Rundown: Migratory Bird Conservation in the Spotlight at Snowbird Conference

Today we speak with Dr. Dan Lebbin a conservation biologist with American Bird Conservancy and Dr. Ashley Dayer, a conservation social scientist with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in New York.  They are in town for the Partners in Flight Conference at Snowbird – which brings together conservationists from across the Americas.  Plus, your daily summary of today’s top local headlines.

Click below for part one, the local news:

Click below for part two, our feature interview:

Click below for the longer version of our feature interview:

  1. Ronni McDonough

    Hi Roger, Were you able to say anything about the importance of the Great Salt Lake to migratory birds and how plans to dam the Bear River will affect that, as well as the dumping of mercury and selenium from Kennecott and pollution from other industries. The lake is essential to many species of birds as they migrate through our area.

    Good program, thanks.