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Ashbrook Calls Out Intolerant, Violent Rhetoric

We are at the river’s edge. That’s what Tom Ashbrook, the host of NPR’s On Point, writes following the Arizona tragedy that left six people dead and an Arizona Congresswoman in critical condition. The shooter may have been troubled, he says, but that doesn’t excuse the heated, intolerant and even violent rhetoric that has become too common in American political discourse.

Legislative Coverage

Rep. Finds He Doesn’t Live in Own District, But That Could Change

A Republican state lawmaker has abruptly found himself out of a job, after learning he doesn’t actually live in the legislative district he represents. But he may get his seat back shortly enough. KCPW’s Jeff Robinson reports.

Local News

After Arizona Tragedy, Bennett Recalls Direct Threat from Talk Show Host

Former Utah Senator Bob Bennett says everyone should remember that the alleged shooter of an Arizona congresswoman is probably deranged, and shouldn’t be quick to blame the tragedy on any particular group. But he also told NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook this morning that the political rhetoric needs to be turned down. He recalled that a talk show host once gave out his home address.


Utah Senator Proposes School Grading System

A state lawmaker is calling for greater accountability in public schools. Republican Senator Wayne Niederhauser is proposing a bill that would give schools a letter grade based on student test results, but state education leaders see red flags. KCPW’s Jessica Gail reports.

Local News

Bishop Wary of Defense Cuts

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop says the Pentagon should reconsider slashing the defense budget. Speaking on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, the Republican said he and other members of the armed services committee will be asking Defense Secretary Robert Gates to justify cutting $78 billion and pulling back troops over the next five years.

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