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KCPW Presents: “Isn’t it Good: The Beatles’ RUBBER SOUL” (12/18/15)

Rubber_Soul_mediumTo mark the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles’ landmark album RUBBER SOUL, producer Paul Ingles presents another in his acclaimed series of specials on Beatles’ history.  Over a dozen musicians, music writers and Beatles fans comment on the significance of this 1965 release by the band along with song-by-song notes on the writing and performances of each track.  RUBBER SOUL was slotted at #5 in a ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE 2012 survey of the Top 500 Rock Albums of All-Time.

In the two-hour version, each song in the 14-track original UK version is spotlighted including “Drive My Car,” “Nowhere Man,” “I’m Looking Through You,” “If I Needed Someone,” “In My Life,” “Michelle,” and others.

Commentators include music writers Anthony DeCurtis of Rolling Stone magazine, John Kruth, author of a new book on Rubber Soul , Paul Zollo, Harvey Kubernik, Jim Fusilli of the Wall Street Journal , NPR’s Ann Powers, and Scott Freiman.  Musician commentators include Shawn Colvin, BJ Leiderman, Jon Spurney, David Gans, Rob Martinez, and Peter Mulvey.  Also featured are music teacher Sara Schafer Jones, public radio DJ Scott MacNicholl.

This special will air on Friday December 18th at 10 AM and 8 PM on KCPW.

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