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KCPW Presents: “The Chieftains: San Patricio” (3/17/17)

Image by: Judith Burrows The Chieftains and Ry Cooder

Public Media Service and Joyride Media are happy to present a one-hour CHIEFTAINS & RY COODER radio special featuring their unique take on a rarely told chapter of Irish-American history – the story of the “San Patricio Battalion,” Irish immigrant soldiers in the US-Mexican War who deserted their US posts to fight for the Mexican side.

Chieftains’ Paddy Maloney, Ry Cooder, Irish-American historian Peter F. Stevens and members of the Mexican-American band Los Cenzontles discuss the history of the San Patricio Battalion, the kinship between Irish and Mexican cultures, and how they relate to the music from the SAN PATRICIO album, plus one exclusive live track from a Jan 2010 Dublin concert.

This special will air Friday March 17th at 10 AM and 8 PM on 88.3 FM KCPW.
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