From local politics, to arts and culture, to history, the environment and beyond, “In the Hive” explores the issues and ideas that tie Utah together. Hosted and produced by KCPW’s Roger McDonough, each episode of this award-winning current affairs program explores a different theme–such as public transportation, homelessness, and air quality–and features conversations with experts in their fields as well as members of the public who have a stake in the show’s topic.

Tune into KCPW Thursday at 10 a.m. and Sunday at noon to hear how these topics impact people in Utah.

KCPW producer and host Roger McDonough is a practiced freelance print and radio journalist. A Salt Lake City native, Roger provides local news weekday mornings and also hosts Behind the Headlines – a weekly recap of local news with reporters from The Salt Lake Tribune. He previously contributed to KCPW with an award-winning local history segment that was developed in partnership with the Salt Lake City Public Library, where he worked for nine years. He has an M.A. in Public Policy and Development Management from Georgetown University, a parallel degree from the Universidad Nacional de San Martín (Argentina), and a B.A. in English from the University of Utah. E-mail him in English or Spanish at

Eighteen months on, where are we in the pandemic?

In March of 2020, “In the Hive,” kicked off a string of conversations with medical experts and researchers about the pandemic. Things have changed, substantially, since that first Q&A on March 19th of 2020. At the time, Utah had seen only about 100 coronavirus cases and there had been zero deaths. Eighteen months later, the […]

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How climate change is contributing to Western wildfires

(Original air date Sept. 16, 2020) Today on “In the Hive,” the ongoing western wildfire season has challenged the literal meaning of the proverb “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Because, as Utahns have come to understand very well this summer, smoke can travel a long way from its point of origin. Climate scientist Peter Gleick […]

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Inland Port update: despite unresolved court case, ‘it’s full steam ahead’

Today on In the Hive, an update on the Utah Inland Port — the giant distribution hub slated for Salt Lake City’s northwest quadrant that some have called “the largest economic project in the history of the state of Utah.”  On Wednesday, the Inland Port board met to discuss creating a new entity – a Public […]

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Aden Batar discusses Afghan refugee resettlement in Utah

President Joe Biden has set an August 31st deadline to finalize the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden says he will stick to that deadline and to the deal president Donald Trump made with the Taliban last year – a deal that committed the U.S. to leaving in a quick timeframe and that included promises by […]

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The unequivocal climate emergency

Humans are warming the planet, that warming is triggering extreme weather events and other detrimental outcomes, and “unless there are immediate, rapid and large-scale reductions” in greenhouse gas emissions, things will get much worse. Those are among the findings of the latest United Nations report assessing the scientific knowledge on climate change. The document, titled […]

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