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CityViews 2/21/12: Lessons from the Cold War/Living the Tech Life




Segment 1:  Lessons from the Cold War

History, according to Frederick Kempe, has been kind to President John Kennedy. After pouring over documents, testimony and records, Kempe concludes Kennedy’s inexperience and weakness during his first year in office was an unmitigated foreign policy disaster, leading directly to the Bay of Pigs showdown in the spring of 1961 and the erection of the Berlin Wall in the fall. What lessons can U.S. leaders today learn from this pivotal year in foreign policy?


  • Frederick Kempe, President & CEO, Atlantic Council

Frederick Kempe presents the lecture “From Kennedy to Obama: How Presidential Decisions Shape History and Foreign Policy” Tuesday, Feb. 21, 7 p.m. at Westminster College, Vieve Gore Concert Hall, Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory, 1840 S. 1300 E., Salt Lake City.



Segment 2:  Living the Tech Life

Today’s conventional wisdom may be that a well-rounded life must include Facebook, iPhones and constant connectivity. But does technology and omnipresent media really enrich our relationships, boost our moods and enhance our intellectual capacity? Professors Susan Matt and Luke Fernandez join us to explore the question: Are machines making us stupid?


  • Dr. Susan Matt, Professor and Chair of the History Department, Weber State University
  • Dr. Luke Fernandez, Manager of Program and Technology Development, Weber State University
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