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CityViews 6/7/12: Mormons and Gays/The Folka Dots



Segment 1:

Wearing their Sunday best, hundreds of members of the LDS Church marched alongside their brothers and sisters in drag in this year’s annual Utah Gay Pride Parade in Salt Lake City. The outpouring of support for the LGBT community stands in stark contrast to the Church’s staunch backing for California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in 2008. On Thursday, we discuss the group Mormons Building Bridges and where the conversation between Mormons and gays goes from here.


  • Erika Munson, Mormons Building Bridges
  • Kendall Wilcox, filmmaker
  • Valerie Larabee, Utah Pride Center




Segment 2:

Local acoustic band The Folka Dots is sort of the anti-thesis to the auto-tuned techno-pop that dominates today’s airwaves. The young band embraces three-part female harmonies, banjo, fiddle and soulful melodies in a musical homage to Patsy Cline and the Carter Family. On Thursday, members of The Folka Dots join us to talk about their unique brand of country music.


  • Marie Bradshaw, vocals & guitar
  • Bronk Onion, upright bass, guitar & vocals
  • Brian Manecke, guitar, upright bass

The Folka Dots – featured band on KCPW’s Sounds from the Lounge online series for June – will play a free community concert next Thursday, June 14 at 7 p.m. at the Jewish Community Center, 2 North Medical Dr., Salt Lake City. Other upcoming concerts and more information is at

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