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Behind the Headlines: Healthy Utah, partisan school boards, Zion Curtain and the homeless shelter


Lawmakers analyze Medicaid alternatives Healthy Utah and Sen. Allen Christensen’s so-called Vulnerable Utah plan. Utah’s Congressional delegation brings a small government message to Capitol Hill. One legislator tries to tear down the Zion Curtain again while a bill to make school boards partisan gains support. And the Pioneer Park Coalition loses a key voice.

Tribune education reporter Benjamin Wood, City Hall reporter Christopher Smart, government and politics editor Dan Harrie and columnist Paul Rolly join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to talk about the week’s top news stories.

Behind the Headlines
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    Great show today on behind the headlines. Kcpws local coverage is the best in Utah!

    The Utah population will have much more money to spend in the economy if people with diabetes Alzheimer’s cancer gastro intestinal disorders PTSD and neuro degenerative diseases have the option to treat themselves with marijuana. A common side effect of marijuana is reduced need for pharmaceutical prescriptions.

    Legal access for all adults with strict measures on advertising and testing will keep the medical industrial complex at bay.

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