Both Sides of the Aisle

Both Sides of the Aisle – Episode 150 (9/15/16)


This week Natalie, Dan, and Rep. Brian King talk about the decision last week to not allow high school athletes to transfer teams and schools at will; Facebook opting to locate their data center in Los Lunas, New Mexico, instead of West Jordan; and the latest on the not-so-close race between Gov. Herbert and his Democratic challenger Mike Weinholtz. In the second segment they discuss the data showing fewer Mormons now side with the Republican Party compared to 2012 when Mormon Mitt Romney was the GOP candidate for president; Hillary Clinton’s remark last week that “half” of Trump supporters are a “basket of deplorables”; and which issue is most important in the presidential campaign: the candidate’s age, their health records, or their tax records?

Both Sides of the Aisle
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    You are completely wrong in regards to Wells Fargo. Having been a customer-facing employee some years back I can tell you that there were two kinds of us: Those that slammed sales, and those that eventually got fired for not meeting sales quotas. And my supposed job description was to help people figure out how to use the online banking. Not a word was breathed about selling anything until well after we were hired and training was finished.

    Those of us that got “Fargoed” (as those that I knew from that time called getting fired by them for not being dishonest enough) are completely unsurprised to see a big scandal come out of it. This is their real corporate culture, ma’am, whatever you want to say about it being “just” a few thousand “bad apples”.

    It is disgusting that you would participate in the scapegoating of thousand of people that needed a paycheck in order to protect a ‘corporate culture’ of ‘screw laws and the customer, that stock price has to go up or upper management doesn’t get another massive round of bonuses’.

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