Both Sides of the Aisle

McMullin’s Lead the Conscience of the GOP? Marijuana or Opioids, and More – Episode 155 (10/20/16)


This week Natalie, Jim, and Dan talk about independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin leading Utah in a latest poll – could Utah be the conscience of the GOP?  Also, with Trump claiming the elections are rigged, Jim suggests they are, for District 2 voters in Salt Lake City – because of gerrymandering.  In the second segment, Dan offers his reasoning for getting off the Trump train; they talk about Democratic candidate for Governor Mike Weinholtz calling for an overhaul of marijuana laws, after his wife pleads guilty to pot possession, and in light of our current opioid addiction crisis; a recent legislative audit that finds many problems with the Economic Development Corporation of Utah; and BYU gets denied entry to the BIG 12.

Both Sides of the Aisle
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