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U.S. Foreign Policy in Uncertain Times


The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour — The United States is still reeling from the violent insurrection at the nation’s Capitol and preparing for follow-up demonstrations across the country as we approach the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. While these domestic affairs have taken center stage, the U.S. policies beyond our borders have caused apprehension and alarm in the international community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and have stoked fear and uncertainty as we prepare for the transition of power in our executive branch.

Escalating tensions with Iran, a stalled trade war with China and the almost total halt of incoming immigrants and refugees are just some of the factors that defined the Trump administration’s foreign policy. This week’s panel looks at how these foreign policies compare to historical precedent and what can be done to improve foreign relations in spite of the uncertain and tumultuous times the world finds itself.

This week’s panelists include Jeffrey Meiser, associate professor in the University of Portland’s Political Science Department; Lauren Turek, assistant professor in Trinity University’s History Department; and Brent Steele, professor and chair of the University of Utah’s Political Science Department. The Hinckley Institute’s Ann Lopez will be moderating this week’s discussion.

This forum was put on in partnership with the University of Utah’s Political Science Department.

This forum was recorded on November 18, 2020.

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