Thank you for becoming a key part of your local public radio station

Make an impact for KCPW’s local public radio mission and leave a lasting impression on the community that you’re a member who cares!

Individuals, businesses, nonprofits… anyone can be a force for local public radio by sponsoring a pledge drive challenge. Challenge grants not only make up approximately 10% of the station’s budget, they’re also proven to galvanize other listeners to help KCPW reach its funding goals.

To get involved, use the following links to sign up and support the pledge drive(s) of your choice:

FALL CHALLENGE GRANT (September 27-October 3)

NOTE: Challenge grantors are also encouraged to join KCPW staff on-air to help make the pitch! To ensure a safe pledge drive, through 2020 all pitching will be done remotely via phone and video link.

Questions? Call Toni Tietjen at 801-359-5279 x220 or email