I’m a member and need to report a change of address/name change. Can I request the change by email?

Certainly. Simply email us at members@kcpw.org with your name, old address, new address and your telephone number.

Are my contributions to Wasatch Public Media tax deductible?

Yes, KCPW can accept tax-deductible donations and grants via our partnership with Independent Arts & Media. Checks can be made payable to “Independent Arts & Media,” with a note in the memo line or a cover letter indicating it is for KCPW. Checks should be sent to:

Independent Arts & Media
P.O. Box 420442
San Francisco, CA 94142

Contributions via credit card, debit card, or PayPal can be made via this link.

Why does KCPW have pledge drives?

KCPW relies on support from listeners in order to accomplish its mission. Pledge drives replenish our supporting listener ranks, replacing those who have moved, passed away, or are no longer able to support us. This is one of the most effective methods we have of raising funds to continue providing you with the programs that meet your needs.

Listener contributions are KCPW’s most important source of support, accounting for the majority of KCPW’s annual operating costs and creating in the process this fiercely independent public radio station we all know and love.

I made a pledge, sent in my contribution, but I haven’t received my thank you gift yet. What happened?

For most thank-you gifts you should allow at least three weeks after your contribution is received by KCPW. If six weeks have passed and your gift has not yet arrived, please call us or email members@kcpw.org.

I made a contribution to KCPW, and did not request a thank-you gift. Will you automatically send me a gift?

If you did not request a thank you gift, KCPW applies your entire contribution to help make the programs possible. We then make the thank-you gift you declined available for listeners who might not give otherwise.

What phone number can I call to make a contribution?

Our number is (801) 359-5279.

I am a sustaining member, how do I adjust my giving level?

If you would like to adjust your giving level, you can email members@kcpw.org or call our membership department at (801) 359-5279 ext. 211.

I entered an incorrect amount when I made a contribution, now what?

If you have made an error, we will honor your request for a refund made within 15 days of your contribution. To request a refund, email members@kcpw.org. Refunds are returned using the original method of payment. If you made your contribution by credit card, your refund will be credited to that same credit card

I’d like to volunteer at KCPW. Who can I call to inquire about volunteer opportunities?

Throughout the year volunteers help KCPW in many ways. Your experience, skills, knowledge and time are valuable to us. There are a variety of talents we seek and appreciate in a number of station operations – production, public relations, special events, fundraising, administrative and membership support to name a few.

During our membership drives our phone banks are staffed with community-minded individuals who help us meet our goals and thank new and returning KCPW members. It’s a chance to meet and work with friends and neighbors who all believe in public radio programs broadcast by KCPW. If you would like to be a volunteer for KCPW, email volunteer@kcpw.org or click here for additional information.