You give; KCPW amplifies it; other listeners contribute; the operations funding goal is met!

KCPW’s pledge drives are nine-day, 216-hour, annual, community-wide efforts, powered by public radio champions like you. Make an impact for KCPW’s local public radio mission by helping to create a ripple effect, spreading generosity throughout our community and leaving a lasting impression that you’re a member who cares.

The easiest way to get involved? Help kick off any of those 216 hours by sponsoring it! We’ll thank you on-air during your sponsored hour(s) for leading the way as we work to inspire other listeners to join you in supporting KCPW.  To sponsor an hour, sign up here:  Hour Sponsor Form

If you’d like to take it a step further, consider sponsoring a matching challenge grant. These can be set dollar amounts matched within a specific timeframe, matches that are ongoing until met, and/or matches designed to encourage a type of giving (such as additional gifts, first-time donations, or sustaining gifts).  To sponsor a challenge grant, sign up here:  Challenge Grant Form

NOTE: Challenge grantors are also encouraged to join KCPW staff on-air to help make the pitch! Pitching can be done in-studio or remotely via phone or video link.

The local community is also the driving force behind KCPW’s member thank-you gifts. A thank-you gift donation ranges from a handful of $10 gift certificates to a local cafe to $50 or $100 gift cards to a high-end restaurant to a few dozen museum passes to a pair of ski passes to KCPW merchandise like coffee mugs and the ubiquitous tote bag!  To donate a thank-you gift, click on the link below:  Thank-You Gift Form

Thank you for considering donating to KCPW. Every contribution is truly appreciated. 

Questions about how you can get involved?
Toni Tietjen,, (801) 359-5279 ext. 220
Randin Graves,, (801) 359-5279 ext. 229