Technical Difficulties with Pledge

Technical difficulties? Check out the troubleshooting tips here or use the form below to contact KCPW.  We’ll resolve the issue, as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Are all required fields filled in?
    • Required fields are noted with a small green diamond. (Example, below.)
pledge page required field name cap
  • Was “State/Prov” field filled in using the provided drop-down menu?
    • Be sure to select state from drop-down menu to ensure a proper address verification
pledge page drop down state cap
  • Does address entered match credit card billing address?


    • Discrepancies may result in an error message.  Enter billing address and use the comment space to let us know.  A KCPW representative will contact you to verify your addresses and shipping preferences.

Need further assistance? Email or call (801) 359-5279 ext. 211

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