KCPW Day Sponsorships

Day Sponsorships on KCPW provide a unique way to proudly express your support of public radio or to celebrate a special day in your life or in the life of a loved one.

A contribution of $600 or more gives you the opportunity to become a KCPW Day Sponsor in which KCPW will help you craft an on-air message that will be heard seven times on your sponsored day.

Sample Day Sponsorship Messages

Support for today’s programming on KCPW is made possible in part by Day Sponsor Jane Doe, celebrating her husband’s 45th birthday today. Happy Birthday, John, with love from your wife, Jane.

Support for today’s programming on KCPW is made possible in part by Day Sponsors Jane and John Doe, commemorating the importance of Public Radio in our daily lives.

A Few Rules

All messages must be written in third-person and conform to FCC and station guidelines. Credits may be a simple statement of sponsorship (“Today’s programming on KCPW is made possible in part by Jane Doe”) or may include a dedication line (“Today’s programs are made possible in part by Jane Doe, in celebration of John Doe’s birthday”).

All day sponsorship messages should also be easily understood. As such, inside jokes, cryptic messages, and messages that may not be understood or could be misinterpreted by the greater audience should be avoided. Day sponsorships may not include promotional, commercial or controversial messages of any kind, and must generally be personal in nature. Language connected to political campaigns, candidacies, religious convictions or legislation is not allowed.

Interested in becoming a KCPW Day Sponsor? Contact Toni Tietjen at ttietjen@kcpw.org, or 801-359-5279 ext. 220 for more information.

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