UPHE Seminar: Air Pollution and Pregnancy

UPHE-Banner_539x90UPHE Seminar on Air Pollution and Pregnancy which will be simulcast by KCPW.  Six physicians with expertise on how air pollution exposure can adversely affect pregnancies and fetal development, and the implications for life long health.


  1. mike saraceno

    Great symposium on Air Pollution and Pregnancy. Maybe a future meeting can be on air pollution and development delays in children. I understand the wood burning issue, but what about Salt Lake City Airport? SLC airport has an average of 900 aircrafts movements a day putting diesel particulates right into the local air. Surely diesel particulates are worse than wood? aviation jet fuel has solvents, pesticides and sulfonic acid. Nextgen hasn’t made it to SLC airport yet but when it does the air quality will get worse. please educate yourself nextgen/RNAV now before it happens. You can go to MSPfairskies.com

    They have some great info on Nextgen.

    Great work. keep it up.