KCPW airs a number of limited-series, documentaries, live readings, special broadcasts and various other unique audio projects. Some of this is created in-house by our talented producers. Some of it is curated from the deep well of what public radio has to offer.

Here, you’ll find a sampling of some of that special content from the recent past. Check back for updates!

KCPW Presents

Each week, our staff curates documentaries, debates and special programs for KCPW Presents. Recent episodes have included discussions on the use of psychedelic substances for mental health treatment, debates over instituting a carbon tax, and an audio documentary on the life of journalist and humanitarian Dorothy Day. Tune in every Friday at 10 am and 8 pm.

COVID-19 coverage

From regular updates on case counts, hospitalizations and vaccines, to an ER doctor’s unique audio postcards, KCPW’s pandemic coverage has focused getting factual information to the public, to make a difference.

Legislative coverage

For various years, KCPW has brought you reporting from the state legislative session as it occurs, while also providing a behind-the-scenes look at lawmaking with podcasts from the state capitol.

Live Broadcasts

KCPW has played host to numerous live broadcasts throughout its history. From political debates hosted by our radio journalists, to forums on air quality, to round-table discussions on issues important to our community. Stay tuned!

Local Stories

Chris Stewart’s departure; LGBTW activist’s strategy; I-15’s widening; and Brigham’s drag-performing son


Debt ceiling deal, Rep. Chris Stewart’s resignation and upcoming Utah elections


Cheap Speech: How Disinformation Poisons Our Politics and How to Cure It

Music Song