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Cooke Proposes Sweeping Ethics Reform

Despite recent changes, ethics regulations designed to keep politicians on the straight and narrow still don’t match the expectations of Utah residents.

Red Cross Facing Blood Supply Shortage

Blood supplies kept by the American Red Cross for distribution to local hospitals has dropped to approximately 50 percent of normal, and

Incorporation Decision Lies In Hands of Millcreek Township Voters

Voters in Millcreek Township will decide in November if they want to incorporate the communities into a city.

SLC Council Considers Golf Course Closure

The Salt Lake City Council will begin discussions today about a proposal to close the Jordan River Par 3 Golf Course in

Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Discuss Immigration During Debate

(KCPW News) Health care, how to manage public lands, jobs and the economy were all topics of discussion GOP candidates for

Lawmakers Tweak GRAMA Law

A bill that makes small changes to Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act unanimously passed the House of Representatives today.

Hookah Ban Receives Final Senate Approval

With the signature of Governor Gary Herbert, smoking of hookahs and e-cigarettes will be banned in public under the state’s Indoor Clean

Are Wolves Living in Utah County?

On Sunday, Division of Wildlife Resources personnel spotted what appeared to be four wolves while performing coyote control from a helicopter in

Pledge of Allegiance Bill Clears Another Hurdle

A bill requiring all public school classrooms to recite the Pledge of Allegiance daily, led by a student, passed the Utah House

Teacher Performance Evaluation Bill Receives House Approval

A bill that ties both pay and continued employment of teachers and school administrators to the result of yearly performance evaluations passed

House Approves Creation of MLK License Plate

Utah’s House of Representatives approved a bill today that creates a special license plate to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and

Intruder Bill Clears Utah Senate

Homeowners would be protected from any liability if they injure an intruder while protecting their home or family under a bill passed

Lawmakers Approve Reimbursement Hike for County Jails

The Utah House of Representatives has unanimously approved a bill that increases the reimbursement rate the state pays to county jails for

House Approves Parent Education on Suicide, Drugs, etc.

A bill requiring school districts to offer an annual seminar to parents to distribute information about substance abuse, bullying, suicide prevention and

Senate Committee Approves Coyote Bounty Bill

For years Utah sportsmen, as well as the Division of Wildlife Resources, have expressed concern about declining deer numbers. Now, as

House Approves Divorce Waiting Period

A bill that would require all divorcing couples in Utah to wait 90 days before a court hearing passed the House of

Bill Banning Hookah and E-Cigarette Use Clears Another Hurdle

A bill banning the use of hookahs and e-cigarettes in public places under the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act will be debated

Legislative Committee Passes Bill Requiring Drinker Represenation on Liquor Commission

A bill that would require at least two members of the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission be regular consumers of alcohol passed

Senate Rejects Veterans Tuition Bill

The Utah Senate rejected a bill today that would have provided veterans with tuition money from the state to finish a bachelor’s

House Votes to Outlaw DUI Checkpoints

Police in Utah may no longer be allowed to conduct DUI checkpoints under a bill approved today by the Utah House of

Sex Ed Restrictions Bill Clears House

A bill that bans the discussion of contraception, homosexuality, premarital sex and the intricacies of intercourse in human sexuality curriculum for Utah

Senate Gives Final OK to Tanning Restrictions

A bill that would require parents be present and sign a release form each time a child under 18 years old visits

Senate Bill Pledges to Strengthen Use of Pledge of Allegiance

Every elementary, middle and high school classroom in Utah would begin every day with the pledge of allegiance under a bill approved

House Approves Hookah and E-Cigarette Ban

A bill that would place hookah and e-cigarettes under the restrictions of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, with exemptions carved out

Significantly Changed Tanning Bill Still Alive at Legislature

A bill that would restrict the use of tanning beds by minors continued to make its way through the Utah Senate today,

Senate Approves Unemployment For Military Spouses

A bill to provide unemployment benefits to military spouses who are forced to quit a job when their husbands or wives are

Bill Changing DEQ Boards Receives House Approval

A bill that would shrink the Department of Environmental Quality boards that oversee air quality, hazardous waste, water quality, and radiation control

Child Custody Bill Clears Utah House

Utah courts could not consider gender, age, race, national origin, color or religion when deciding a child custody case in a divorce

Bill to Cite Truant Students Passes Legislative Committee

A bill that makes one small change to current law would require a school district, charter school, or school board to issue

Huka Ban Passes Utah House Committee

Electronic cigarettes and hookah pipes would be banned in public establishments, if a bill that amends the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act