CityViews 8/6/12: Taking Care of the Jordan River/Olympic Wrap



Segment 1:

Once contaminated with raw sewage, farm waste and heavy metals from nearby mines, the Jordan River has been cleaned up and recognized as a vital natural resource running from Utah Lake to Great Salt Lake. A new coordinated effort to restore and preserve the Jordan River is underway and on Monday, we’ll learn more about what’s envisioned for the future of the Jordan River corridor.


  • Laura Hanson, Jordan River Commission
  • Corey Rushton, West Valley City Councilman

Download trail maps and find links to the Jordan River master plan here.



Segment 2:

For the past week-and-a-half, the world has been celebrating the achievements of its best athletes and hearing very human stories of those who have overcome injury and hardship to go for the gold. On Monday, we’ll get an update from the BBC live from London.