CityViews 12/19/12: Good Urbanism/Vacations and the Entrepreneur


Segment 1:

Making a place a more vibrant and more appealing place to live is a top concern for cities and towns of all sizes. Urban planning professor Nan Ellin says every community can build on its strengths instead of focusing on shortcomings and in a new book, she details how. On Wednesday, Ellin joins us to talk about the case studies and tips presented in her new book, “Good Urbanism: Six Steps to Creating Prosperous Places.”


  • Nan Ellin, Professor/Chair of City and Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah



Segment 2:

Any small business owner or entrepreneur can tell you that it’s tough to leave labors behind, stow the cell phone and relax. But getting away for a holiday or vacation is possible and good for business and personal health. On Wednesday, we learn how some executives are learning to unplug from the workplace.


  • Julian Castelli,

Julian Castelli’s article, “Holiday Vacations Without Guilt,” appears in the December issue of Fast Company.


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