The Daily Buzz from Sundance: Day 8 (1/27/17)

It’s day 8 of the Daily Buzz’s coverage of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival at Park City, Utah with our host John Wildman and co-host and producer Irene Cho. We begin today’s episode with a chat with representatives from KICKSTARTER, Elise McCave and Liz Cook, and how the company has become an integral part of the independent film eco-system. We also talk to Stephen Gong the Executive Director of the CENTER FOR ASIAN AMERICAN MEDIA (CAAM), to talk about the growth of Asian American filmmakers at Sundance. We then welcome director Adam Bhala Louge and his subject Cody Wilson, about their film THE NEW RADICAL, a documentary about the new generation of radical millenial technologists in the US and UK. Sundance Insider Christine Choy then joins us to talk about her career, her cigarettes, and the short animated documentary featuring her LEGAL SMUGGLING WITH CHRISTINE CHOY. We then chat with Liz Franke, a member of the cast of A GHOST STORY, who shares some tidbits on the secretive film, as well as her first Sundance experienve. We finish with a chat with Franklin Leonard, founder of the BLACK LIST, and what how the annual list helps celebrate and discover great screenwriters who might otherwise be forgotten.