Utah Lawmakers Honor Fallen Officers

(KCPW News)  Utah lawmakers honored three fallen police officers today who were killed in the line of duty. Family and friends stood by in the Senate Chambers while they were remembered.

In April, Sergeant Franco Aguilar with the Sevier County Sheriffs’ Office was assisting an accident on I-70 when he was struck by a car and fell off a bridge. Then in June, Bureau of Indian Affairs Police Officer Joshua Yazzie lost control of his patrol car while responding to an emergency call when his vehicle rolled down an embankment on the Ute Tribe Reservation. And in August, Kane County Deputy Brian Harris was shot and killed while tracking a suspect in the Arizona desert.

Senator Dennis Stowell offered his condolences to the families.  “We want to be support to the family every way we can. These kinds of tragedies go on for many years after they happen. We appreciate them being here. We honor the family for being here, for the turmoil they’ve gone through,” said Stowell.

The officers were later remembered in the House of Representatives as well.

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