Hatch’s “Dumb-Ass” Remark Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Salt Lake Tribune Washington Correspondent Thomas Burr

(KCPW News) Utah Senator Orrin Hatch helped Utah State University’s student newspaper get a lot of attention this week. The senator was recently quoted in the Utah Statesman calling the federal health reform law a “dumb-ass program” and “an awful piece of crap” when speaking to students. Every Friday, we speak with Thomas Burr, Washington Correspondent for the Salt Lake Tribune and author of Political Cornflakes, a daily, online round-up of Utah politics. KCPW’s Jeff Robinson asked him if Hatch is secretly glad about all the attention his remarks have gotten as he faces a potentially tough re-election bid in 2012.

  1. John

    I’ve been taught that the truth is an absolute defense. Senator Hatch was correct in his characterization of the health care “law.”