Herrod: I’ll Help Sue Utah Over Illegal Immigration

(KCPW News) A Republican lawmaker is fuming over a guest-worker bill that cleared the Utah Legislature late Friday night, attracting national attention for allowing undocumented immigrants to get a permit to work in Utah. Now, as KCPW’s Jessica Gail reports, Representative Chris Herrod says he’ll help anyone looking to sue the state over illegal immigration.

  1. Tulio

    “This will be the first legislation of its kind in the nation. It really puts a stake in the ground and sets a standard for other states that may be contemplating the same kind of outcomes that we’re contemplating,” he said. “It also sends a message to the federal government that they have failed us, absolutely failed us, in doing their duty in coming up with policies to manage the immigration challenges that the states are facing.”

    Thats right the federal government has FAILED us, they FAILED to pass legislation and the states are left with no other choice but to take matters into their own hands.

    Utah is the smartest of states, they are allowing undocumented workers a temporary working permit that will allow them to work and pay taxes and allow businesses to report the right amount of taxes, also business will now be forced to pay the minimun wage and report these workers in their taxes and revenue will go up.

    What we need is for federal government to secure the borders thats going to cost us taxpayes millions of dollars and then they need to take up similar legislation.

    Go utah!

  2. Belzebu

    Mr Herrod,


  3. ZOO

    The masses are ignorant. Some are ignorant and illegal. Great site here, you get a little of both.

  4. Eric

    I believe the United States Constitution 9th amendment “rights” of the people are the unequivocally paramount, absolute and exclusive “rights” of the people (including as stipulated by the United Nations “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” particularly “Article 23” regarding employment); including any kind of employment of the people, an absolute labor monopoly held by the people, and all related thereto and/or therein, including trespass; and said “rights” of the people is not the right of any other species (“other species” means aliens). Especially as the bill of rights is more recent than and supreme to the United States Constitution (without amendments) including (any) employment by naturalization. Yes, government has their own employment labor monopolies which are of course composed of seniority of civil rights from #1 in seniority are retired military, #2 in seniority are other United States citizens, possibly #3 in seniority are aliens in the naturalization process as none is specified in the United States Constitution.

  5. John Bowman

    I live in California. Thanks Utah for enticing 1 million of our illegals to move to Utah for your work permits, maybe now we can balance our state budget!